the5rooms, Hotel & Apartments

When we arrived at Barcelona airport, we jumped in to a cab and headed straight towards Plaza Catalunya, close to where the5rooms is situated. We walked up to the main entrance and unlike a conventional hotel this place does not have a reception that you just walk into from the streets. Instead we buzzed the button to get into the old classic Spanish building and were told to continue to the 1st floor. The main door opened and we walked into a beautiful hallway from the Spanish modernist area. The hallway and steps were made of beautiful marble and black tiles. 

We walked up the stairs and entered through the large wooden doors and were happily greeted by Tatiana in the reception area. The reception had a really cosy feeling to it and other guests were sitting around planning their day in Barcelona. In the lounge room on the 1st floor, just by the reception, there were guidebooks and history books about the city of Barcelona everywhere and the decor was very modern, with cowhides decorating the floors, modern lamps and lovely flowers and plants. Tatiana gave us a map of Barcelona and started marking all of the best places to see, drink and eat in the city, which we really appreciated. She was born and raised in Barcelona so we really got all of the best places to go that didn’t have tourists swarming everywhere.

5 rooms barcelona

The hotel, despite the name, actually has 12 rooms on 2 different floors. We had booked one of the Double Superior rooms on the 2nd floor, which is also where breakfast is served. The breakfast area has 3 communal tables and actually gives you the feeling of being in somebody’s home rather than a hotel.

We walked one floor up and through the breakfast area to our room. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the room (about 24 m2) and again the decor was exactly what we hoped for - modern, funky, cool. The room had a comfy queen size bed, a large bathroom with a shower, a separate toilet, a big TV at the end of the bed and a perfect little balcony with enough room to stand on and overlook the street. As Barcelona gets crazy hot in the summer the room of course also had air-con, perfect to cool down inside. Beds were very comfortable and we had a great night’s sleep later. As you can see in the photos below the Double Superior room was beautifully decorated. We hope the photos will give you an idea of the size and feel of the room. 

Tatiana was kind to also show us one of the suites. It was a bit more spacious and overlooked the calm backyard. Photos below. 


Thank you to all of the crew at the5rooms for your kindness and excellent hospitality and for making our stay fantastically pleasurable. We highly recommend staying at the5rooms for its gorgeous design, intimate atmosphere and excellent location in the beautiful and central Barcelona neighborhood Eixample. Head over to the 5rooms  for more information and to make your reservation.