Balderdash [bawl-der-dash]

1519s, of unknown origin; originally a jumbled mix of liquors (milk and beer, beer and wine, etc.), transferred 1670s to "senseless jumble of words." 

Cosy hideaway at Balderdash

Copenhagen is a great place to go for cocktails - and it just got even better. During a recent trip to Copenhagen we had the pleasure of stopping by Balderdash, a new cocktail bar situated right in the city centre. Balderdash is run by the cocktail-genius Geoffrey Canilao. Before opening Balderdash, Geoffrey has a long career in bartending from some of the most recognised bars in San Francisco and New York, including Employees Only. During his time in Copenhagen he has previously been the bar manager at The Union, which is another great place in town to get a cocktail. 

Balderdash is situated just off one of the main streets in Copenhagen's bustling city centre. The bar has been set up in an old landmark building built in 1723. Much of the building has been renovated inside but it still reminds you of a by-gone era.

The cocktail list takes its inspiration from the Copenhagen Metro lines and has about 15 cocktails on it. Many of these are classic cocktails, but with a twist. Many of the ingredients in the cocktails at Balderdash are created in the Spirit Lab on the floor just above the bar. We tried a bunch of their drinks and each of them was spectacular in its own way. I (Oliver) especially enjoyed the Old Fashioned (with bone marrow).

If you're not quite sure what to order then get a hold of one of the incredibly talented staff and give them an idea of what kind of spirit you like and how you like your drink (sweet, bitter, sour etc.) and they'll help you get a drink that suits you perfectly. We've been to most of the good cocktail bars in Copenhagen and quite frankly Balderdash is as good as it gets. 


Tuck yourself away in one of the corners of the bar next to the old telephone with some wasabi nuts and an excellent old fashioned.

We went to Balderdash with some friends of ours. The atmosphere and noise level at Balderdash is perfect for making conversation.

Ollie & his friend Mikkel after an evening of excellent drinks.

The main bar by the entrance - seen from both sides of the room

The old whiskey bar on the lower floor of Balderdash

We tried 10 different cocktails. All of them were absolutely exquisite.

The downstairs Whiskey Bar

The front of Balderdash on Valkendorfsgade

You can read more about Balderdash on their website, found here. Otherwise just stop by the bar - here's the address:

Valkendorfsgade 11
1151 København K
0045 5310 7885