We are Tales Like These


 Tales Like These is a travel and photography brand founded by Elin and Oliver, a traveling duo with 10 years of creative and digital marketing experience together. Our passion and goal is to share stories from our trips around the world, and to help companies succeed with their marketing efforts.



We're Elin and Oliver. A multinational couple who simply love traveling - the learnings we gain from it, and the stories we collect.

We are San Francisco based and work as digital marketing consultants at Google. However, our nomadic genes have taken us on some 80+ trips during our 4 years together, and we set off for unexplored grounds at every chance we get.

Our strong passion for traveling, photography, storytelling, food and digital marketing led us to create Tales Like These. We aim to inspire the food and design conscious, urban traveler and to help businesses worldwide with their marketing.

Our offering


Get professional, artistic photos of your business, ready to be used for your website and marketing. Elin works as a photographer as a side job, shooting weddings, portraits and business photos alike. Please note that you must agree to us exposing the photos on our website.

Media Coverage

We spread stories from your business - photos and snippets of our experience - on our social media platforms and blog. We're active on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and have a following of 5000+, ready to be exposed to your business.


We're passionate writers, and will write an in-depth, honest and highly visual review of your business after we've had the honor of experiencing it. We will review the service, look, feel, taste - whatever is relevant for your business. Naturally, we will promote it on social media. 

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