Our Visit to Clover Restaurant, Paris

During our most recent trip to Paris we had a lot of good wine and good food, but one of the most amazing food experiences that we got to experience in Paris was at Clover Restaurant. Clover is the creation of Jean-François Piège, a worldwide famous chef with several Michelin stars under his belt. We were recommended to go to Clover by one of our Parisian friends who told us that this was one an absolute must-visit as it was 'one of the most trendy places to eat out in Paris'.

We walked to the Left Bank trying to find Clover with our Google Maps directions. Clover doesn't have a sign anywhere outside, which is part of its charm (and keeps away the tourist crowd). We stepped into the bright narrow restaurant and were seated just by the window with a view of the street. Clover only seats 20 people so booking ahead is an absolute must. Again, the restaurant is very narrow and the tables are right up against each other so you'll be sitting closely together with other guests. So if you're looking for a very intimate romantic restaurant this might not be the place for you. Clover has a great vibe though and sitting close to all of the other guests creates a very special atmosphere. 

Clover opened in December 2014 and has since then been a magnet for the Parisian jetset, fashionistas, artists and international foodies. The restaurant is decorated by a well known Parisian interior designer and one of the main features of the restaurants is that the kitchen is in the middle of it all and you'll see the chefs putting the dishes together practically in front of you. Along the walls the restaurant has glass-windowed fridges with the produce that is used for the various dishes - so you really get the feeling that you're in the midst of what's going on.

Clover has 2 menu options every day - either you pick a 4 course dinner based on the set menu or you have all of the dishes. We went for the 4 course dinner (even though all of the dishes sounded amazing). All dishes were very fresh, light and didn't involve a lot of butter and cream as you'll find in many other French restaurants. 

We started off with an amazing champagne after which the fabulous dishes were brought in one by one. 
We started with the foccacia with a marmalade of mushrooms and blackberries. This foccacia was cut into small squares and smothered in the rich mushroom marmalade and topped with plump blackberries.

After the foccacia it was time for the sardines The raw sardines are served on a plate after which a very hot stone is brought to your table to grill the sardines on. The stones are taken from the Parisian pavements and then heated through to act as a grill. Both dishes were fantastic.

Next up was the thai-inspired coconut milk soup with cucumber and coriander. This creamy soup was rich, but light. We really enjoyed the idea of bringing in an asian dish into the mix.

Following the soup we had the white tuna with grilled aubergine and lemon bouillon. The tuna was perfectly cooked and laid on an aubergine purée. Yum. 

The dessert consisted of black fig with almonds and fennel ice cream. We had never tried anything like this before. The fennel ice cream really worked and again this was a quite light dessert that didn't actually taste unhealthy.

We finished off the feast with a chocolate chip cookie (this place is famous for it's chocolate chip cookies). It did the job. 

Overall, this was definitely worth the visit and with a modest price tag of 58€ for 4 dishes you really feel like you get your money's worth. Bon App!