A first hello!

Welcome to our small space on the big world wide web! Here we collect stories, photography and reviews from our travels. As a short introduction - we’re Elin and Oliver, a couple in our mid-late twenties, originally from Sweden/Mexico (me) and Denmark/England (Oliver). We met 2 years ago when we at the time lived in Copenhagen versus Oslo. So partly because of the long distance that lasted 1,5 years, and partly because we love traveling, we’ve been on about 50+ trips together, snapped thousands of pictures and enjoyed numerous of heavenly meals. 

6 months ago we moved in together to an amazing, old victorian apartment in Dublin, where we both currently work within digital marketing for Google. But as we still lead quite the nomadic life, we thought it’s about time to get blogging about it. We will write about upcoming and recent trips, but when we get nostalgic enough, also stick in stories from past trips. So if you’re a traveler, foodie or simply in search for some inspiration, or a business looking for a collaboration, hopefully we’ll keep you entertained.


Oliver and Elin at Jessica and Jake's wedding, August 2014.