A weekend in Bath, UK

Last weekend we went crazy and took Friday off. On Thursday evening, we traveled 45 minutes by air, then equally as long by taxi, to visit Oliver's grandmother in breathtakingly beautiful Bath, UK. It was the second time he brought me, and it was just as soul soothing. Only the first time we went, granny's rose garden stood in full bloom as we were there in mid July. We arrived to the huge, Georgian house with its prime location on Sion Hill, rather late in the evening. Nevertheless were we welcomed with warmth, tea and biscuits. Rarely do you feel as looked after as when at your grandparents, right?

View from our bedroom, Sion Hill, Bath.

Friday came, we woke rested to blue skies (before the alarm - bliss!), and the warm(ish) March sun rose slowly but surely high into the sky. Just like we'd remembered it, the view from our bedroom was simply mesmerizing. One that makes you want to leave all your musts and obligations, and just sit there with your bottomless cuppa English tea. Just gaze as the city's earthy color scale shifts as the day passes.

Some lovely toasts with marmalade later, Ollie and I set off to further explore the little town that we'd grown so fond of since last time. And let us confidently say, that Bath is one of the top three most picturesque towns we've ever visited. Not undeservedly has it - as the only entire city in Britain - been granted World Heritage Site status by UNESCO. Its 18th and 19th century Georgian architecture makes you daydream away to long passed times.

We strolled around in full sunshine with take-away coffee from the intimate and hip Society cafe and enjoyed less crowded streets than during our summer visit (Bath is the most visited town in England after London). When hunger kicked in, we had an amazing three course lunch at the very well rated Indian restaurant Eastern Eye. Not that we needed it, but we couldn't resist wrapping up the meal with some salted caramel fudge from Fudge Kitchen, where they have hand-crafted their special recipe fudge for over 30 years.

We had a similar agenda for Saturday, only we spent a little more time sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and discussing our future on Queen's Square. We also visited the pretty but crowded Bath Abbey, and had our best fish & chips ever at The Scallop Shell, a place with such a genuine coastal vibe and hyper fresh fish, we felt like we'd just spent a few hours in some fisher village along the Australian Gold Coast. 

The afternoons and evenings were spent on Sion Hill - at Ollie's grandmother's house. We had masses of tea, cake, wine, ice cream, (very) fun conversations and photo albums sessions. Ollie's granny is a jewel of a lady, we'll be back soon.