Reflexions, and the year so far

2014 was one big adventure for us. Our best year ever, we both agree. It was the year of countless of trips, just like the crazy 2013 when we first met. 2014 was also the year of our 1st anniversary, the year we progressed further in our careers and the year we beat our long distance by moving in and building our first home together in Dublin.

In 2014, we came to love every moment of everyday life; our trips, home, the food we (he) cooked, a simple drink or two, chill evenings, lazy mornings and bottomless coffees at our favorite neighborhood café. But we also looked ahead and took important steps for our future plans and dreams. By the year end, we welcomed 2015 and hoped for it to bring excitement, adventures, opportunities, learnings, love and health.

Now - 2 months in - so far so good. We've travelled (to Madrid as a surprise for Ollie's 28th, and to Bath+Bristol), eaten utterly well (visited our first 2 starred restaurant - again as a surprise for Ollie's 28th, spoiled boy!), snapped loads of photos (have tons to show you), hiked along steep cliffs of Ireland every weekend, AND had a little brother moving into our home and life in Dublin (welcome Zak). And ahead of us lie a series of adventures; Sweden, Japan, Denmark, some warm country in southern Europe (tbd) and Mexico to mention a few.

Hope you want to follow us around the world! Good night you all :) /Elin & Ollie

Elin & Oliver, New Year's Eve 2014-2015. At our beloved home in Dublin.

Elin & Oliver, New Year's Eve 2014-2015. At our beloved home in Dublin.