Back to Boston

Let me take you back a few months, to November, when Ollie and I visited Oliver's grandfather in Boston. Now, I'm aware it seems like all we do is visit the elderly part of the family. It's not the case, rather, I wish we could see them more often.

Anyhow. Boston, Nov 2014; red, yellow and orange leaves covered the streets, the air was crisp and the wind chilly, even freezing at times. We had decided to totally stress down and not plan too much. So we slept in late, enjoyed freshly baked croissants and tea for breakfast, walked the autumn colored streets, stopped for coffee and explored Boston's different areas. Bliss!

We also ate well, like we always do. It’s kind of a sport to us - finding the best places to eat! We especially remember Myers & Chang, an asian fusion restaurant that we were recommended. It’s located in South End, an interesting, slightly dodgy looking area in Boston with a lot of galleries and independent shops.

After a couple of days in Boston, we jumped on a bus that would take us to Portland, Maine. What a little gem of a city. I will dedicate at least two full posts to cover the amazing 30 hours we spent there. In the meantime, enjoy the captures of beautiful Boston below, or head over to our Boston city guide to get a full list of recommendations.