Photo galleries, travel guides and reviews

Hi! We're finally ready to launch this beast of a project! There's still much more to come, but the site is in good enough shape for us to finally share it with the world. So, the idea behind our site is quite simple. We love taking photos, hence our photo galleries. We love traveling, finding amazing gems and sharing tips to travelers alike, searching through the clutter for places - be it restaurants, coffee shops, shops or hotels - with that extra something, hence our travel guides. Also, for those places we think deserve some extra attention, we have a review section, where we show photos and judge the quality, look and feel of restaurants, hotels and bars. Finally, we of course have this journal, to be updated 1-2 per week with inspiring travel, photo, food and design themed posts. 


We have tons of stories to share with you, so please stay tuned and make sure to peek back weekly. We hope you'll enjoy it! Cheers, Elin and Ollie.