The best pubs in Dublin

We've lived in Dublin for a couple of years now and one of the things that we really couldn't live without are the Irish pubs. In Dublin (and Ireland in general) a pub is where you go to meet your friends, family, colleagues - whether its after work or the starting point for a good night out. Dublin is known for its Irish pubs and with more than 650 pubs in Dublin they are basically on every corner of the city. A lot of Irish pubs also serve up traditional Irish dishes such as Beef & Guinness Stew, fish and chips and bangers and mash, which makes a pub a great place to have lunch or dinner.

Another thing that makes Irish pubs special is that many of them have live music throughout the week. Usually the music would be anything from Irish classics to cover songs of contemporary pop songs. If you're visiting Temple Bar you'll find music in most of the pubs. 

The main attraction in the Irish pubs is of course the dark substance called Guinness. Guinness is Ireland's pride and joy and is the go-to pint for most Irish people. Another favourite is Smithwicks which is a red ale - from Kilkenny, Ireland. 

Here's a list of of our favourite pubs in Dublin that have a really great Irish atmosphere (and great pints).

Kehoe's: A classic pub just off Grafton Street. Go here for one of the best pints of Guinness in town.

Johnny Foxes: If you have time grab a cab and go to Wicklow Mountains where you’ll find Johnny Foxes. The pub is famed for being the ‘highest’ pub in Ireland and has an amazing view of the mountains. Have a cold Guinness or an Irish Coffee.

The Stag's Head: This old pub is just off Grafton street and still looks like it did a hundred years ago. Dim-lighted, a lot of dark wood and a mounted Stag's Head in the center of the room. Great place to take a break if you've been shopping on Grafton Street.

The Old Storehouse: This pub is in the Temple bar area and is always packed with people. Go here if you want to sit down and listen to some good Irish folk music and enjoy a cold Guinness. 

The Ginger Man: This place is a real gem. It's a small pub, which makes it really cosy. During Christmas this place looks like one big decorated Christmas Tree. Every year the owner buys up all the Christmas decorations he can and decorates every square meter of the place. 

O'Donoghues Bar: A classic place to go in Dublin. The bar is split into 2 buildings with an outdoor (heated) area in between. There's always a lot of laughs and banter going on here, so check out this place if you have time.

The Palace Bar: Situated in Temple Bar this small bar is often packed but if you can manage to get a spot to stand/sit this is probably one of the cosiest places to go.