Drink beer like a local in Copenhagen

Danish people love drinking. It's such a big part of the culture in Denmark, which naturally makes it a must-do when visiting the Danish capital. In Copenhagen there are so many great local pubs that just have to be experienced. The #1 thing to do before going out in Copenhagen is to go to a 'værtshus', which is the equivalent to a pub. There's usually always a jukebox playing that allows guests to choose the music. You won't find much food in these places (other than a bag of peanuts), so don't go here if you're hungry. 


You'll find all types of people in Copenhagen pubs - poor students, business people and alcoholics. It's a great place to go if you want to experience a real Danish night out. Denmark, unlike most places in Europe, actually has a policy that says that if a pub is less then about 45 m2 you're allowed to smoke inside. Obviously this means that many places are thick with smoke or at least have the smell of smoke lingering in the walls and furniture. There are pubs that don't allow smoking, but part of the experience is going to the dim-lighted smoky ones. Here are some of our favourites:

Eiffel Bar: One of the old greats in Copenhagen nightlife. A classic bodega. Go here for a bottled beer, a cigarette and a good mix of all age groups.

Bobi Bar: A tiny bodega in the middle of Copenhagen. The place has red velvet walls and old oil paintings. This is one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen and has been a favourite of famous Danes throughout the years. Smoking is allowed.

McKluuds: This place has been running since the 70's. A very typical place to go if you're in the Vesterbro area. Smoking allowed.

Det Ny Scala: Recently renovated this place has become a great place to go for hip young people in the Nørrebro area. A small place that serves up good craft beer. Definitely worth visiting if you're in the neighbourhood. Smoking not allowed.

Wessels Kro: One of the oldies in Copenhagen nightlife. This pub has been around since the 1770's. Situated in Copenhagen's city centre this place isn't far from anywhere. Get a cheap beer, light a cigaret, place some dice and enjoy the oil paintings in this old establishment. Smoking allowed.

Café Sommersted: Situated close to the Copenhagen meatpacking district this is a great place to go either before or after a night out. The place is known for its jukebox, its pool table and its cheap bottled beer. Smoking not allowed.

Café Intime: Originally a gay bar in the decadent Frederiksberg neighbour, this place is a must-visit no matter where you're staying in Copenhagen. The place has been running since 1922 and has a lot of history. Located in an old historic building this place is very dim-lighted - walking into this pub is like going back in time. Candle light, old oil lamps and a always full of locals who've frequented the pub for decades. During weekdays and weekends there's live music - usually jazz. Make sure to check out the schedule before going. Truly an amazing experience. Smoking allowed.

Karrusellen: This place is located on Nørrebro and is a place where a lot of students go. There's always a lot of people here. One of the more lively pubs in Copenhagen. Smoking allowed. 

Jernbanecaféen: Right next to CPH central station the decoration here is inspired by trains. Been running since 1933 and always has a great atmosphere. Live piano playing every Wednesday and Sunday.