The Best Burger Joints in New York

Who doesn't love a good burger? Whether it's your first time to the US or to New York, you know you need a good burger during your stay. New York can be quite chaotic and hard to navigate so finding the best burger places in town can be a daunting task. When in New York we always make sure to have at least burger during our stay to satisfy our cravings for salt, fat and cheese. Below are some of the places that you can't go wrong with during your stay in the city.

Shake Shack: A classic in New York. Go here for one of the best burgers. There are several locations but the one in Madison Square Park is great if the weather is nice. Get in line and grab a SmokeShack Burger, fries and a hand-spun vanilla malt.

Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien: After saying hi to the receptionists at Le Parker Meridien, make a sharp left and you’ll see a neon burger sign hovering above a doorway. This is the portal to another world. The curtain obscures the restaurant itself, but if you step beyond the facade you will enter a completely different setting: the little-light, much-hyped, classic grill known as Burger Joint. The burgers here are amazing and the experience of walking in to this off the tracks burger joint is worth it all. A must-try if you go to New York and you’re craving a burger.

The Spotted Pig:This burger is a bit more pricy than most places - but completely worth it. The burger consists of brisket, short loin, and marbled chuck. Unlike the classic american version this comes with Roquefort blue cheese. The shoestring fries are also unique and prepared with rosemary and garlic. Yummy!

Peter Luger Steak House: A classic New York steakhouse that serves a lunch-only burger made from the same prime beef as its legendary dry aged steaks. The basic burger comes with just a slice of raw onion, and American cheese and bacon are the only listed add-ons. Simplicity is key here.

Corner Bistro:  These really messy and greasy burgers are served on basic paper plates. Sit yourself down in one of the booths and dig in. This place has cheap beer and great burgers which attracts the student crowd and local hipsters. This is a must-visit in New York if you're craving a down-to-earth burger experience. 

Black Iron Burger: Classic burgers that you can pair with draft pints. This is a real hole-in-the-wall with great prices (yes - they have happy hour too). The fact that they don't close up before 12 am is also a plus if you want to go grab some pints and some good food. We recommend pairing your burger with their garlic fries.