24 Hours in Bath

How to spend a day in Bath

Ollie’s grandmother has lived in Bath for many years now so going here has always been close to the heart. It’s hard to describe all of the great things about Bath and the feeling you have while walking through the old streets, but Bath really is special. The city was given UNESCO status for its beautiful Roman Baths and the old Roman architecture in the city is beyond beautiful. Anyways, as we said we’ve been here quite a few times and we want to share our favourite way of spending 24 Hours in this breathtaking city. Enjoy!

9 AM - Breakfast @ The Wild Cafe

This breakfast place is tucked away in a cute little back street and away from the crowds. The atmosphere is really local and friendly. Everything is prepared in the open kitchen in front of you. Try the variations of pancakes, the scrambled chorizo eggs or the classic Eggs Benedict. The food here is simple and good quality ingredients. Have your morning tea or coffee and get ready for a day full of adventures!

11 AM - Go for a lovely walk @ The Circus & The Royal Crescent

Take a walk through town and go uphill to The Circus, which is a collection of beautiful houses built in a circle. Several famous people have lived at The Circus (including Johnny Depp). From here you only have to walk 5 minutes to get to The Royal Crescent, which consists of 30 terraced houses that overlook the city of Bath. The architecture is stunning and if the weather is nice you can sit down on the huge lawn in front of The Royal Crescent and relax. This area has a couple of nice cafés and antique shops too.

12 PM - Bath Abbey

Head back down to the city centre to check out the Bath Abbey. This historical abbey was built in the 7th century. The abbey has since then been rebuilt several times, but it’s still stunning. Admission is by donations and it’s definitely worth taking a look inside and sit and contemplate for 10 minute before heading out see even more of Bath

1 PM - Lunch @ The Scallop Shell

Definitely the best fish and chips we've had anywhere. Walking into this restaurant feels like walking in to place somewhere in the mediterranean. We had the haddock fish and chips with a lot of mushy peas and tartare sauce. Sit by the window and feast on all of this wonderful seafood.


2.30 PM - The Roman Baths

Probably the most visited attraction in Bath (and why the city is called Bath) these Roman Baths are a beautiful sight to behold. There are four main features: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and the Museum holding finds from Roman Bath. These old Baths were used by the Celts as well as the Romans as a place to heal and bathe. The Roman Baths are kind of a must-visit if you’re going to Bath and even though you won’t be the only tourist in here it’s really worth going to embrace the history of the place and the city.

4 PM - Time for afternoon coffee

Head over to Colonna and Small's - Bath's best coffee. A great place for coffee snobs and people who care for their coffee. Colonna and Small's takes coffee brewing to the next level - here you can get anything from your espresso to your pour-over and a variety of roasts. These guys know their coffee. Sit down, enjoy a good cup of coffee, look through your photos from the day and talk about what you’ve seen. If the weather allows we really recommend the little outdoor section at Colonna & Small's.

5 PM - Head home to your hotel and relax

You’ve had a long day and you deserve to just relax for an hour or two. Head home and get ready for an epic dinner at one of Bath’s best restaurants.

7 PM - Dinner at Sotto Sotto

One of the top restaurants in Bath and definitely the best Italian restaurant. Walk down the narrow winding steps to go to the basement. Here you'll find stone corridors and arched ceilings with candles lighting up the rooms. Very charming staff and excellent pasta dishes. It’s a good idea to book ahead as this place is quite popular (understandably).

9.30 PM - Go for an evening stroll along The River Avon

This is pretty much as picturesque as it gets. After a lovely dinner head down to the River Avon, which runs through along the city. This is the best way to say goodnight to the city of Bath and you’re sure to have some everlasting memories.

10.30 - head home and get a good night’s rest

You deserve it!

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