The 5 best cocktail bars in Copenhagen

Copenhagen can serve up more than bottled beers in old smelly pubs. Over the last 10 years more and more cocktail bars have been showing their faces in Copenhagen nightlife. Cocktails in Copenhagen aren't cheap if you go to the good places, but they're certainly worth it. We've compiled a list of our favourite cocktail bars in Copenhagen to give you an unforgettable night out - whether it's pre-dinner or all night. Unlike most of the Copenhagen pubs you can't smoke inside in the cocktail bars. Here are the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen.

Lidkoeb: Vesterbro locals call this the best cocktail bar in the area. The place is hidden away in a small courtyard and serves up any drink that you like. The place has several floors and is a great place to go for a quick drink before you head our for dinner or the nightclubs.

RubyVoted Copenhagen's best cocktail bar for years. This place has been serving up some of the best cocktails in Europe for a while now. The interior is amazing, with leather chairs and dim lighting.

1105: This place is great for cocktails. From first entering the you feel that the ambience, lighting, and lets you know that you are in for a treat. The cocktails are top notch. The mixologists know what they are doing and can help you find the perfect cocktail for you. The place is tucked away in a small street and has very dim lighting with a DJ playing the perfect tunes all night.

Balderdash: A new cocktail bar situated right in the city centre. Balderdash is run by the cocktail-genius Geoffrey Cenialo. Before opening Balderdash, Geoffrey has a long career in bartending from some of the most recognised bars in San Francisco and New York. Try their amazing old fashioned with bone marrow. Read our full review here

Salon 39: Located on Frederiksberg this place is one of the greats on the Copenhagen cocktail scene. The dim-lighted and small cocktail bar has a really cosy atmosphere. Great place to go on a date and sip some quality cocktails.