24 Hours in Dublin

How to spend a day in Dublin 

Dublin is a great city and we've loved living here the last 2 years. There are so many things to do in the city as well as a lot of great places to eat and drink. The most important thing when visiting is finding the hidden gems where you won't be surrounded by tourists. We've carefully compiled a list of all of our favourite places to make sure that you spend 24 hours like a local in Dublin. Here's how to spend a day in Dublin.

9.00 – Have Dublin’s best breakfast @ Bibi’s

Located a 10-15 minute walk from St. Stephen’s Green/Grafton Street, Bibi’s serve up the most delicious breakfast in Dublin. This isn’t the classic Irish breakfast, but rather a lot of delicious dishes with egg, fantastic homemade yoghurt, beans on toast and arguably the best French toast in Dublin (with either fresh fruit or maple syrup and streaky bacon. We recommend the butternut squash eggs and the beans on toast with pecorino. You’ll surely be ready for a day in Dublin after a visit here.

10.00 - Get a cup of joe-to-go @ Clement & Pekoe

There’s no better place to go for a cup of morning coffee than Clement & Pekoe. Try their signature ‘Flat White’ or one of their drip filter coffees. If the weather allows then sit on one of the benches in front of the café and watch the city and the people of Dublin wake up.

10.30 – Go for a walk in Dublin’s finest park – St. Stephen’s Green

Situated at the end of Grafton Street you’ll find the finest park in Dublin. St. Stephen’s Green is beautiful all-year around. Take a stroll around the pond, which is full of swans and ducks. Sit on one of the benches at the center of the park and do some people watching.

11.00 – Walk towards the River Liffey and see the bridges of Dublin

Dublin’s River Liffey divides the city in North and South. It’s famous for its different bridges that cross the river and reminds you a little bit of the bridges crossing the Seine in Paris. Particularly the Ha'penny bridge is quite cute. This is a great place to absorb the beauty of Dublin.

12.00 -  Visit Trinity College, Book of Kells and the Old Library

Located minutes from River Liffey you’ll find Trinity College. Walk through the beautiful entrance and you’ll be inside the courtyard of this historical university. Many famous poets and writers studied here, such as Oscar Wilde. Walk around the university courtyard and head over to the Book of Kells and the Old Library. Make sure to visit both the Book of Kells and the Library while you’re there. The book of Kells is very interesting, as it gives you great insights into the history of Dublin and the Vikings' influence on Dublin and Ireland. The Old Library is just incredible and won't take more than 15 minutes to visit.

13.00 – Have lunch at Avoca Café

A 5 minute walk from Trinity College you’ll find Avoca. On the 3rd floor you’ll find the Avoca Café, which serves up one of the most delicious lunches in Dublin. You’ll find a lot of classic Irish dishes prepared with local ingredients and made with love. Try the Duck Confit Salad, the Mezze Platter, the Fish Gratin or their excellent pancakes or cakes. Always a winner.

14.30 – Visit St. Patricks Cathedral

More a museum than a cathedral this is a great place to go to learn about the Catholic influence in Ireland, as well as the history of Ireland. There’s a cover charge to enter, but it’s worth it. Walk around the cathedral and read Irish tales and history.

16.00  - Have an afternoon pint of Guinness @ Keogh’s

Just off Grafton Street you’ll find Keogh’s. This is somewhat of a landmark for Dublin locals and serves up an amazing pint of Guinness or Smithwick’s. You’ll usually find a bunch of people standing outside enjoying their afternoon beer. Keogh’s is a classic pub and it’ll be hard to not have pint #2 when you’re there as you really get caught up in the cheerful mood there. Make sure to also check out the upper floor of Keogh’s as it’s quite cozy up there too.

17.00 Go shopping on Drury Street and Powerscourt Centre

We always love to get souvenirs from cities that we’ve visited and Drury Street has some great places where you can that special something. Check out Industry Home & Interior store, Irish Design Store and Considered. You can also go to the Powerscourt Centre on South William Street and check out Article, which has a lot of nice Irish design and Irish wool products.

19.30 Dinner @ 777

This is  where trendy locals go when they want to have real authentic Mexican food. The place is hidden behind a plain façade, but once you open the doors to this little piece of Mexican heaven you’ll quickly realize why this is where the cool kids and food lovers go.  777 plays upbeat music and all of the waiters are as hip as it gets. The walls are covered in white tiles and illuminated tequila bottles. The food here is the real deal and just as good as you would get it in Mexico. Try their freshly grilled market fish of the day, the Pollo Pollito, the chicken tinga tacos, their totopos and their corn on the cob. The ribs are also fantastic. Make sure to wash it all down with their signature Margaritas Especial. 777 doesn’t have that many seats so make sure to get their early or what for a table at the bar. This will be an unforgettable experience.

21.30 – Cocktails @ Peruke & Periwig

This has got to be our favorite cocktail bar in Dublin. Make sure to book a table for the upstairs cocktail bar at least a day ahead – believe us – this place will be one of your favorite places during your trip. On the ground floor you’ll find that the place looks like a classic Irish pub, but once you get upstairs you’ll understand why we love this place so much. Walk up the carpeted staircase with oil paintings hanging everywhere on the walls and enter the 2nd or 3rd floor, which is where cocktails are served. Sit down on the red velvet chairs and enjoy the dim lighted ambience and the fireplace. The walls here are decorated with antiques and old oil paintings. The round marble tables makes it feel like you’re back in time. Their cocktail list is quite extensive and the bartenders will help you find the cocktails that are just right for you. This is a must-visit in Dublin.


23.00 Go home and have a good night’s rest!