The Tastiest Tapas in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that has everything - energetic nightlife, sandy beaches, brilliant weather, beautiful people and last but not least - amazing food. During our trips to Barcelona we've been scouring the city and asked locals where we could get the best tapas. We ended up trying a lot of places, but the the bars and restaurants below are the only ones that made the cut to be featured in our guide. Go to any of these places and you can be sure to have a gastronomical experience that you'll remember. Buen Provecho!  

Quim, La Boqueria
Just off Las Ramblas, tucked away in the middle of the amazing food market, La Boqueria, you'll find a tiny little 'restaurant' that seats about 10 people around the bar. Quim is truly an oasis in the busy boqueria and it's a great place to do some people watching while eating delicious tapas. We had their jamon, grilled asparagus, their fantastic tortilla and their pan con tomate. This was a fantastic meal, quick service and you're next to amazing juice stalls and much more inside the Boqueria (closed on Sundays).

Bar Mut
We were recommended to go here by a local and boy were we glad we did! We got a great table outside and the waiter came out and told us the menu (they don't have a fixed menu, so the waiters are basically the menus). We ordered their bravas, an assortment of lovely cheese with nuts and grapes, grilled scallops with Serrano ham, pan con tomate, bellota ham and a mixed plate of grilled vegetables of the season. Everything here was great and full of flavour. The style of the restaurant is a little more fancy than traditional tapas bars, but still pretty casual.

Restaurant En Ville
The food here was exquisite, but they have a lot more than just traditional tapas. More of a proper restaurant, we loved En Ville the moment we walked through their doors. This place is incredibly cosy and everything here just 'works'. We knew this was going to be good before we even got the food. We started with their pan con tomate, with separate garlic clove and ripe tomatoes, which allowed us to make the pan con tomate ourselves (we didn't try this anywhere else). Hands down the best pan con tomate that we had. We also got a large plate of iberico ham to start and unlike many other restaurants we were served a quite large plate of this delicious ham for a very decent price compared to most other places. We also tried their incredible gazpacho, which went right down. We then had lobster ravioli in mushroom cream sauce. One of the best pasta dishes we've ever had (we were very surprised that this would happen in Barcelona). This was followed by their burrata, which we also highly recommend. We concluded the meal with a paella with cod and gambas - delicious. This should be a must-visit on your trip. Service was great and the food was simply perfect.

Bar Xula
We couldn't stand the Barcelona heat any more, so luckily we saw a perfect spot to grab a cold beer and something to snack on. We got to sit at the bar outside and got a chilled Alhambra beer and a gin tonic. We then started going through the menu to see what would satisfy our cravings. We decided on pan con tomate, Iberian ham, grilled octopus, bravas and black rice with octopus. The pan con tomate wasn't really at par with the other places we went to in Barcelona, but luckily the grilled octopus and the black rice saved the day. Super tasty and simple food. The bravas here were the best we had in Barcelona (their chilli sauce had fresh chilis). Highly recommend the lovely little place and you won't find many tourists here.

Paco Meralgo
Our Spanish hotel staff recommended that we went here, as this was 'the best tapas in Barcelona'. At first sight Paco Meralgo looks like fine dining with a very clean look inside. White tablecloths and modern art on the walls. There was, however, a very relaxed atmosphere here, which was lucky as we weren't really in the mood for anything too fancy. We had the gazpacho (best we had in Barcelona), pan con tomate, Iberian ham and some great seafood. Definitely great food - you can't go wrong here.

Tapas 24
We have mixed feelings about this place. This place has become very hyped due to TripAdvisor, Zagat and bloggers, which means that it's difficult to go and just have a bite without waiting in line for at least 30 minutes. The staff here was quite rude and didn't really attend to us at all, which meant we sat at the bar for 30 minutes without getting the chance to order. At this point we were very close to leaving, but decided to stick it out to try their famous tapas. We had their lentils with chorizo, their tortilla with Iberian ham, their bomba barceloneta and their croquettes with ham. Food service was fast (once we got to order) and the food actually (and in a way annoyingly) lived up to the hype. The tortilla was incredible and so were the lentils and croquettes. If you're willing to wait and dine with a lot of tourists then this is actually amazing food.