Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.
— Seneca

Tulum, situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, is a resort destination that has become one of the most trendy places to go in Mexico. Tulum used to be inhabited by the Mayans and is known for its old ruins and it's breathtaking beaches. The Tulum beaches, which are about 4 km long, attract the bohemian luxury travellers, celebrities as well as expats who have established luxury hotels, shops and gourmet restaurants. Unlike Cancun you won't find big hotel chains and high rises here. Instead you'll find small eco-huts on the cliffs, boutique hotels right on the sandy beaches and trendy restaurants and bars tucked away in the jungle. It's easy to see why. The white coral beaches, Mexican cuisine, sophisticated nightlife and proximity to world class sights lets you mentally and physically detach from your daily duties and become one with paradise. So come here if you want to unwind and clear your mind. We hope you'll enjoy Tulum just as much as we did.


Gitano: We went to Tulum for 5 days and ate here twice. One of the best restaurant experiences we ever had. Sitting in the jungle with colorful cocktails, incense and some of the finest Mexican cuisine. If you visit Tulum - go here.

Hartwood: Probably the most popular restaurant in Tulum. A lot of Americans go here and if you want a table you have to go here early. Food straight from the grill to your table. Anything from a whole octopus to a grilled steak.

Casa Jaguar: Very intimate and cosy restaurant. You’re tucked away in garden with lamps hanging from the trees. Food was good, but the great atmosphere in their little garden was just absolutely perfect.

Posada Margherita: You wouldn't think that Italian food would be great in Mexico, but this place will make you change your mind. The decor is Mexican and you're right next to the ocean. The homemade pasta here is divine, the wine is great and the atmosphere is perfect. A must try.

Hemingway's: A really romantic restaurant that specializes in great pastas and wine. Start with a margarita, have some lovely seafood pasta and enjoy the fresh breeze coming in from the ocean.

El Tabano: One of the most authentic Mexican places that we went. Get their various tacos and wash it down with a couple of margaritas or a good Mexican beer. The atmosphere is fantastic. Sit outside on the sand underneath the lights and you know you'll be in for a real treat.



Zebra: We went here on a weekend night to hear live salsa music. We stood under the moonlight with cold caipirinhas and watched 40 people dance on the salsa dancefloor for hours. An amazing experience.

Coqui Coqui: Probably the most trendy boutique hotel in Tulum. Great place to watch the ocean while enjoying a margarita.


Azulik: Azulik villas, a small cluster of fifteen private beachfront eco villas with a spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. The villas are built of fine local hardwoods, have large private decks with outdoor baths and a series of ceiling to floor windows that let you enjoy the spectacular sea view to the East and tropical jungle to the West. We stayed here for 3 nights and were mind-blown. The view is amazing, and you’re literally staying on the cliffs on the waterfront. Be aware - since this is an eco resort, there is no electricity. Something to consider before booking.

Coqui Coqui: The hippest boutique hotel in Tulum. A stylish little hotel with 6 rooms, right on the beach. The vibe here was just what we were looking for, so relaxing and everything was beautifully put together. The style is great and the scent that lingers around from the perfumery on the ground floor is amazing.

Be Tulum: Refined luxury. Spacious rooms, stand alone bathtubs and a lot more. Be Tulum only has 20 suites and unlike most other hotels/resorts in Tulum this place has an infinity pool - just in case you can't be bothered getting sand everywhere. Be Tulum also has a spa and a yoga studio in case you want a little extra luxury on your trip.

Coral Tulum: Another lovely Tulum hotel. Four poster beds, decorated with corals, lovely bright rooms and situated just by the beach this is a perfect place to stay. Also has a spa and suites come with a private pool where you can sit and let go of your worries.

What to see in Tulum

Ruins of Tulum: The Tulum ruins are a great place to visit for some cultural input while in paradise. The beach by the ruins is incredibly beautiful so we went for a long walk up and down the beach to just soothe our minds and go for a swim. The ruins are built on 12 meter tall cliffs overlooking the ocean and is actually one of the last cities inhabited by the Mayans. Get a guide if you can to show you around as this will make the experience more complete. 

Cenotes: The area surrounding Tulum is full of beautiful cenotes (a natural pit/water hole) where you can go take a swim. Especially associated with the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, cenotes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya for sacrificial offerings. One of the cenotes close to Tulum is called Dos Ojos and is about 20 minutes from Tulum There is another one called Grand Cenote (5 mins from Tulum) it’s smaller and can be a bit touristy, but definitely worth visiting. It's a fun experience, but try to get there early so you avoid tourists.